Wheat grinding machine,Wheat grinding

Finished product: wheat flour
Production capacity: 200-300Kg/h
Core equipment: Wheat grinding machine

 Introduction of wheat grinding machine

The wheat grinding machine has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, use and maintenance, and wide application range. It is not only suitable for crushing corn, wheat, beans, miscellaneous grains, etc., but also crushing low-hardness minerals such as lead powder.
How wheat grinding machine works
The wheat grinder is composed of a grinding chamber, a motor, a fan, a cyclone separator, a base and other parts. The machine uses the relative motion of the fixed teeth and the movable teeth to quickly pulverize the material. When the movable toothed disc rotates at high speed, a The strong airflow drives the materials in the crushing chamber to fall into the fan from the screen, and then flows out through dust removal driven by the fan. According to the needs of materials, sieves of different specifications can be selected, and materials with different thicknesses can be processed.
Instructions for use of wheat grinder
1. After the wiring is powered on, first check whether the motor rotation is correct.
2. The feed port of the wheat grinding machine is equipped with adjustment plugs. According to the brittleness of the material and the fineness of crushing, the adjustment plugs should be adjusted to the proper position and locked.
3. There are three ways of self-priming feeding, manual feeding and conveying feeding. Appropriate selection can be made according to the size of the output.
4. Equipped with screens of various specifications to meet various fineness requirements, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
5. It is strictly forbidden to enter stones, metals and other impurities in the wheat grinder, so as not to damage the machine parts.
6. Before work, idling first, wait for the wheat grinder to run before feeding, it is strictly forbidden to discharge the material first and then start the machine. When the work is completed, it should be idling for 1-2 minutes before stopping to clear the material in the machine, and at the same time close the feeding insert , to prevent foreign objects from falling into it.

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