Rice Mill Plant
Rice Mill Plant
Rice Mill Plant
Rice Mill Plant
Rice Mill Plant
Rice Mill Plant
Rice Mill Plant
Rice Mill Plant
Rice Mill Plant
Rice Mill Plant

Rice Mill Plant

Finished product: Processing rice, white rice, grading rice
Production capacity: 30Ton,50Ton, 80Ton as required
Core equipment: Pre-cleaner, vibrating sieve, destoner, paddy husker,separator, polisher, whitener, length grader,optical sorter and packing scale
Application: rice mill, rice processing machine, polishing machine, whitener, grader, optical

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  Our technology covers the full range of rice and paddy handling from pre-cleaning, paddy storage, dryers, hullers, polishers, rice whiteners, optical sorters through to bagging. The complete rice mill plant can produce a high rate of best quality white rice, it has stable performance and it is an ideal machine for running rice business and small factories. This project consists of combined cleaner , husker, paddy separator, rice whiterner, rice grader, lifting machines, pipes and other accessories.

  We offer this excellent quality rice processing equipment in various specifications as per the requirements of clients. We provide consulting, engineering, tech-economic feasibility studies, design, construction, and implementation of rice processing equipments.



  • An automation solution for paddy processing

    Auto complete set rice mill plant is controlled by automatic and digital system.Digital services can help speed up your process and to improve efficiency, food safety or energy savings.

  • Advantages of structure and performance

    This equipment is featured with compact structure, process performance stable, reliable and durable, easy installation, low energy consumption,easy operation and maintenance.

  • Innovative & high precision processing solutions

    Supply high quality machines for every steps of optimised rice processing to reduce operating costs and improve high profitability.

  • Intelligent optical sorting solutions

    Application of color sorter in rice sorting delivers the highest capacity and export quality standards with ease and pinpoint accuracy.


Automatic Rice Mill Plant(30Ton/50Ton/80Ton) FINISHED PRODUCTS


WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of Rice Mill Plant. The Rice Mill Plant produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of Rice Mill Plant, you are welcome to contact us.

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