Quinoa Processing Plant
Quinoa Processing Plant
Quinoa Processing Plant
Quinoa Processing Plant
Quinoa Processing Plant
Quinoa Processing Plant
Quinoa Processing Plant
Quinoa Processing Plant
Quinoa Processing Plant
Quinoa Processing Plant

Quinoa Processing Plant

Finished product: Shelled quinoa
Production capacity: 10-1000Ton/day as required
Core equipment: Sand roller quinoa peeling machine,Quinoa polishing machine.
Application: Quinoa Peeling Plant,Cleaner,Dehuller,Polisher,Removing Saponins




  The whole set of Quinoa Processing Plant can be divided into many processes, such as raw grain cleaning, removing stones, shelling, light removing saponins, quinoa polishing, quinoa grading, color separation and so on.

  Compared with the wet processing technology, the dry process can keep the flavor of quinoa and reduce the loss of nutrients.Win Tone has developed a process in which the saponins are removed without the use of water. This process has already been successfully put into practice in South America.

  In addition, we improved the equipment of the cleaning section of quinoa grain according to the characteristics of quinoa, and selected the unsaturated grains with the selected equipment to improve the product quality.

  The following overview shows machines which are used for the processing of quinoa. Here, you can find more information about various WIN TONE machines.

Sorter and grader
Intake and pre-cleaning:
Pre-cleaning is key for a productive milling process. Quinoa contain impurities and foreign materials. Remove them before storage to increase the service life of your machinery and to create hygienic storage conditions.
Use the cleaning section to remove contaminants and impurities from the quinoa.
—Low power consumption;
—Good cleaning effect;
—Easy operation, low maintenance.
High capacity peeling
We have developed hullers especially for quinoa. These are high-capacity and energy-efficient machines, designed to keep brokens to a minimum.
Complete separation of quinoa and bran;
Low broken rate.
Optical sorter and grader
Remove even subtle impurities
Our optical sorters remove even subtle light and dark color defects, spots, damaged grains and foreign materials. You can even sort based on shape.
We have designed special grading machines for quinoa to provide an even distribution of product and an even result.



  • Dry processing technology

    Compared with wet processing, dry processing technology can save the value of quinoa, reduce the consumption of water, and protect the environment.

  • Specific gravity screening

    Considering of impurity of quinoa seeds,it is necessary to strengthen cleaning process and introduce the gravity separationg technology to select out the shriveled quinoa kernels.

  • Improve the quality

    The application of sand roller quinoa peeling and polishing machine improves the yield and quality of finished products.

  • Automatic control system

    Combined with corn, millet, rice processing technology, we introduce dust removal and automatic control system and control quality accurately.


Quinoa Processing Plant FINISHED PRODUCTS

WinTone Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of Quinoa Processing Plant. The Quinoa Processing Plant produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of Quinoa Processing Plant, you are welcome to contact us.

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